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Our Trainer: Today – Stefan Gliesche

Our trainer: today – Stefan Gliesche

Stefan Gliesche is an internationally recognized expert in leadership through personality-based career strategies for CEO, Manager and Entrepreneurs.   Background born 1975 in Munich NLP Diploma (INLPTA) TAM Trainerakademie München: qualification as management trainer and coach;  Certification: “BDVT geprüfter Trainer…

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Our Trainer: Today – Petr Sedlácek

Our trainer: today – Petr Sedlácek

Petr Sedlácek is an experienced consultant, lecturer, coach and therapist. He has been successively for renowned international companies. Petr Sedlácek is coach for communication, communication techniques, negotiation techniques, train the trainers and leadership.   Background 1994 - 1996 Národní vzdělávací…

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Our Trainer: Today – Miki Ogura

Our trainer: today – Miki Ogura

Not only is Miki Ogura a coach and trainer, she is also a succesfull writer. Her main topics lay in the field of “Work-Life-Balance” and development of personality, self-esteem and contentment.   Background born in Japan 1993 BS in Financial…

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For 25 years, including 14 years as savid, we support people & entrepreneurs in development and change processes. Scientific evidence, proven practical knowledge and an unusual way to link both, distinguish us. Brain-friendly communication, Healthy Leadership, training and coaching with…

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