International Academy for Leadership - Management & Personnel Development

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Where do we support?

We consult for people. Your professional and personal development is our mission.
We support specialists and managers in discovering their abilities, developing their competencies and reaching their full potential.
On your path, often a challenging one, to sustainable success in management, leadership, purchasing and sales, we are right beside you.


Since when do we deliver?

Since 1991. Challenging, promising, meagre, outstanding, ambitious, and last but not least crisis afflicted years.

We accompany people and companies during their development and change processes. We work with our clients to improve their flexibility and adaptability in times of ever more fast-changing requirements and markets.

We develop solutions together with our customers. We deliver our promised added value.

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Who are we?

Professionals – Trainers – Coworkers – Consultants – Leaders – Visionaries

A core crew of 6 colleagues and a network of 72 professional, specialised and experienced trainers is our team. Worldwide.
We convince through creative ideas and solid implementation. We stimulate top performance and we are accustomed to high-pressure situations.

Know our trainers:


Where sare we?

On 4 continents, in 16 countries with 22 years of experience, with 72 trainers in 16 languages.

Our trainers live in Berlin, Bonn, Budapest, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Genua, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Copenhagen, Krems, Leipzig, Lisboa, Mannheim, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Pforzheim, Saarbrücken, São Paulo, Stockholm, Tokio, Vienna and Zürich and travel to where you are.